Sunday, April 22, 2012

Anna and Jimbo's Wedding day - April 1, 2012

Anna and Jimbo Parish visited Oahu, Hawaii in March of 2012.  They arrived on the island from San Francisco with their two children Ruby (10 yrs old) and Levi (6 yrs old).  While enjoying their vacation they decided to get married.  Although they had no plan in place or any guests except for their wedding planner and her family the wedding turned out the be unforgettable.  They contacted us at Zenju Weddings and we  planned their ceremony with in 72 hrs of their consultation.  We provided them with the highest quality service and made them feel comfortable on our island.  They desired a simple Hawaiian ceremony with no stress or fuss.  We translated their vision to reality within a short amount of time.  The couple got married in the North Shore at sunset on a secluded beach by the beautiful Turtle Bay Resort.  Officiant Blake "Brutus" La Benz preformed a traditional Hawaiian ceremony with blessing of the pu' conch shell horn, exchanging of the leis, drinking of the cocount water, and the blessing of the family (ohana) chant.  Anna and Jimbo glowed in the soft hues of the sunset and exchanged their vows to each other bonding with the natural environment and giving back to the land.  This ceremony was perfect and simple just the way they wanted it.  They hired Zenju Weddings for the day of ceremony.  Zenju Weddings would love to wish the happy couple congratulations and much aloha!  Also, a big mahalo for being our first clients here at Zenju.